Built and tuned

Founder: Bijan

As a self-professed born IT Geek, Bijan was coding in the cradle. He then became an avid player of computer games and developer, an obsession that spanned well into his adolescence and equipped him with the expertise for a future immersed in the universe of technology. Bijan went on to make himself indispensable as a result of his work as a coder during an internship with Learning Tree International, an elite team of expert instructors in the IT education industry.

With a degree in computer science under his belt after graduating from Royal Holloway, Bijan immediately leapt into the tech sphere with Thinking Safe, a startup specialising in disaster recovery. Throughout his 7-year tenure, Bijan went from Technical Support Engineer to Operations Director, providing continuously innovative solutions to the prevention of cybercrime, demonstrating the amplitude of his skillset.

Following this role, Bijan moved to Snow Valley, providing e-commerce technology and services to multi-channel retailers whilst ensuring the security of online transactions. In fact, he was instrumental in getting their first Record of Compliance for PCI-DSS accreditation, involving all sorts of application level as well as a little bit of networking level magic. Some of his preferred projects have involved auditing and security accreditation because the breadth of knowledge and skills required ensures his dexterity remains at the cutting-edge of new tech.

In a career spanning over a decade, Bijan has evangelised the importance of cyber security, working alongside companies all the way from Silicon Valley to Chancery Lane. He believes cyber security starts with the people and only then the systems they use and engineer. Accordingly, his favourite part of his work is imparting knowledge to others. With this in mind, he has departed on a new venture: Network Neighbourhood Security. A response to the lack of security and data protection education available to the masses, NNS aims to bring best practice and security education at a grass roots level.